Symphonic Poem no. 1: Forest Morning (2019) 10 minutes

for orchestra with sample playback


A Walk into the Future (2019) 10 minutes

for orchestra with sample playback


Archaic Jam (2017) 10 minutes

for orchestra with electronics


Sweet Pieces (2016) 20 minutes

for orchestra with synthesizer and percussion soloists


Idyllic Scenes (2015) 15 minutes

for orchestra and electronic sounds


How Sound Travels (2006) 16 minutes

for orchestra


Abstraction in Folk Art (2014) 8 min

for piano, casette player, two slide show projectors and electronic sound

The Stacks (2007) 9 min
miniatures for marimba and sampler

exists also in version for cello and sampler
With projected paintings on screen, made by Marc Bell.

Krull quest for cello and electronics (2004) 5.33
With animated film on computer screen, or projection on screen.
Could also be performed with Hardanger fiddle, violin or viola.




Plans for future keyboard and violin pieces (2016) 20 min

keyboard, violin and slide show

10 Plans (2017) 40 min

clarinet/bass-clarinet, keyboard, guitar, cello and slide show

Wolf Studies (2006/2014) 15 min

clarinet, trombone, acoustic guitar, percussion x2, violin, cello and tape

Plastic Waves (2013) 18 min

for piano and clarinet, percussion, el-guitar, cello and noise generator

Willibald Motor Landscape (2012) 16 min

clarinet/bass-clarinet, keyboard, percussion, guitar, cello

Neon Forest Space (2009)

clarinet, percussion, guitar, cello and tape

Untitled School/Mud Jam/Campfire Tunes (2014)

For quartet (2 x piano 2 x perc, and also performing on 4 home made string instruments) projected images and electronic sound





Prehistoric Night and Morning (Tone Poem) (2019)




The Exotica Album (2017)

Sinfonietta with Modular Synthesizer and Saxophone performers